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      Company news
      Agriculture delegation from Kingdom of Cambodia visited Quanfeng Aviation

      On October 12, The delegation including the State Councilors of Cambodia Kingdom and Vice-Governors of the Shiju Province visited Anyang Quanfeng Aviation . Mr.Wang, The president of Anyang Quanfeng Aviation attend the meeting.



      The delegation first visited the exhibition hall of Quanfeng Aviation. President Wang introduced the development process of Quanfeng Aviation.


      In the flight simulation room, the guests experienced the simulated operation of UAV on the computer.



      Then the guests watched the flight demonstration in the practice field. Under the guidance of the staff, they experienced the flying operation of Free Eagle ZP. The delegation greatly appreciated the intelligence of Quanfeng agriculture drone.


      Finally, a symposium was held . President Wang introduced the company's basic situation,development performance and strategic layout, and conducted deepen exchanges with the members of the delegation. He hoped that through this visit, there will be more exchanges and cooperation between the two sides in agricultural plant protection filed,  Deepening cooperation in larger scale.


      Vannaro Kang, deputy governor of Cambodia's Shiju Province said that Quanfeng Aviation's drone technology can lighten the burden of farmers greatly, and the industry is developing fast. Quanfeng  plant protection drone has a good effect on crops. They look forward Quanfeng Aviations visit and exchange to Cambodia.

      President Wang mentionded  that Quanfeng Group’s plant growth regulator products can be applied to cotton, mango, sugarcane and other crops, which has a significant role in improving quality and yield. The next step ,we will pay attention to Cambodia market in marketing and investment. Also hope enter the international market together with the partners all over the world.

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